“He knows who we are.” “He understands our life.” “He had really good advice about kids.” “If that’s what Christianity teaches, that’s good.” “I’m impressed, Christians actually want to do something good for society.” These were the many comments I received from my neighbors about Yuki after his presentation on how to help protect their kids from pornography and sexual assault. It also turned in to a general parenting discussion with the 18 adults that attended. I watched neighbor’s faces during the training, wondering how it was being received. No one was leaving or yelling, so I figured it was going well. It wasn’t until later during the day when neighbors started approaching me with comments like these that I understood just how well it went.

3-3-5 is the name of the child sexual abuse training. Children were taught 3 things about themselves (they are created by God and therefore are special, they deserve good touch and they own their own bodies), 3 things to do if they feel unsafe, and 5 things to do to help a friend who is abused.

Yuki is the leader of an awesome team (Cake and Jaeng) from the Office of Child Protection Services with the Church of Christ in Thailand. He is pictured here with members of Santisuk Church, Pothong Community Council and but a few of the over 30 kids that attended the training on Sunday, November 11.

By Suzy T.