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About the Thai Peace Foundation

The Thai Peace Foundation (TPF) was established in 1998 to serve and equip poor and marginalized people, families, and communities in Bangkok, Thailand.

TPF’s primary goals are to: 1) To provide education and training that will allow them to improve their standard of living; 2) To assist people who are lacking the basic necessities of life; 3) To foster good moral and ethical understanding and behavior; 4) To perform activities that benefit the public good and, when appropriate, to partner with other organizations while abstaining from all political involvement.

Since 1998 the TPF has established work in six different low-income communities, primarily in the Bangkapi and Buengkum districts. In 2020 the TPF expanded its work to other areas of Bangkok and rural Thailand.

Heartfelt Cooperation

The Thai Peace Foundation is a local Foundation under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security cooperating with:

  • Community Leaders and parents
  • Thai and international volunteers
  • Organizations with a shared vision