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About the Thai Peace Foundation

The Thai Peace Foundation (TPF) was established in 1998 to serve and empower the poor in Bangkok, Thailand.

It seeks to empower community leadership as they respond to community needs through various programs aimed at increasing the capacity of youth and families in order to realize the goal lasting development.

TPF’s primary goals are to develop leaders among the youth and adults in slum communities; to facilitate community organization to address felt needs and desires; and to encourage personal and corporate stability and development through education, group service-learning opportunities, and reflective practices. We apply the “Action-Reflection” model of learning and progress in every area of our work.

Thai Peace Foundation has established work in six different low-income communities, primarily in the Bangkapi and Buengkum districts.

Heartfelt Cooperation

The Thai Peace Foundation is a local Foundation under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security cooperating with:

  • Community Leaders and parents
  • Thai and international volunteers
  • Organizations with a shared vision