…and an elephant came, too.

Rehearsing skits the last night of camp, one student pondered aloud, “What should we do with our…elephant!”

And a mere 50m away, an elephant was walking by.  Youth screamed.  The elephant trumpeted and trotted away.

Besides our memorable encounters with the natural world, this year’s youth camp (April 18-21) at Pala-U highlighted team-building and communication skills under the theme “In the Gap.”  The goal was for students to grow in relationship-building skills, boldness, and collaboration in order to equip them to bridge gaps in their friendships, families, and communities.

Many students commented that they never expected to feel as comfortable or as bold with a group of peers in a matter of days.  We hope that this momentum carries us through the school year and motivates students to continue to develop and grow.

High school students begin their new school year on May 15 and are excited to have a new group of friends to study and grow with.  Keep updated about our activities and enrichment courses: World Anti-smoking Day, Chinese language begins on June 1, Thai traditional dance and music, English courses and exchange, math tutoring…