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We believe that every person is immeasurably valuable, everybody has something to give. We work together with people in Bangkok’s poor communities to help develop people’s gifts and abilities for the benefit of all.

The Thai Peace Foundation strengthens community leaders in addressing community needs and creates programs to increase the capacity of youth and families to meet their own development goals.

We have experience in small business projects, youth leadership development, providing educational support, vocational training, and organizing communities for housing projects.

Children and Youth Development

Internship Program

Small Business Creation

Community Development

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If you are interested to find out how to use your potential to serve society we are happy to work together with you to. From our own experience we can say that while we give we receive as well – the joy of seeing lives transformed, even our own. See how you can invest yourself in the lives of people:

  • as a community volunteer who helps teach and train children, for example in our soccer training program or creative learning environment
  • as a business person who wants to use their expertise and ressource to help start small local businesss initiatives
  • as a supporter and networker for the foundation’s activities

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