Scholarship is back!

We’re delighted to announce that we are back on!  Due to a lack of staffing and funding, TPF had to put its YouLeaD (Youth Leadership Development) Scholarship on hiatus this past spring.  Apisak “Sprite” Chuenchum (who graduated from university in 2011 is also a former scholarship recipient) is heading up the redesigned program with a greater emphasis on service-learning, enriching activities, and emphasis on positive peer community among scholars.

The feedback from former scholars, new recipients, and parents have been overwhelming.  This past Saturday, October 13, we held an opening ceremony welcoming 15 scholarship recipients along with their parent-guardians, and friends.  Because of the program hiatus, one scholar’s family endured personal crisis and was forced to drop out of school.  She expressed her excitement in the scholarship re-opening and re-enrolling in school this upcoming year.

One parent, whose eldest recently graduated from college with the assistance of the scholarship and whose youngest child is currently enrolled in the program while in college, shared with other parents of the benefits of participation, “Besides the financial help, my daughter graduated second in her class with the support of the scholarship staff, encouraging her and helping her in her studies.”

This year’s recipients have shown great potential and diligence in the application process and in their participation thus far.  We are excited to see how they grow, respond to challenges, and take hold of opportunities.