Sustainable Housing in Minburi

For the past three years, TPF staff, Kaew Ariso,  has been working on sustainable housing for one community comprised of several displaced communities.  Despite bureaucracy and countless obstacles, this new community in Minburi, named Serimin has a piece of land is finally able to start building houses and are expected to move in later this year.

Yesterday, a new group of 24 to-be-residents gathered at TPF under the direction of Sombat, Phetiphat, officer from the government agency, Community Organizations Development Institute (, in order to begin the process of creating policy and infrastructure for this community.  You can’t break rules until you make them, right?

We’re excited for this community’s progress and for what’s in store for them as they patiently fight for sustainable, community-owned housing.   


On Sunday, May 22, all 70 members will meet at TPF again to finalize land contracts and legal agreements.  Stay tuned!

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