The Samakki Pattana Library is open

After a bit of a hiatus, the Samakki Pattana Library is open and alive with activity these days!
In response to a need/demand to learn English by a couple of persistent and excited young 9 year olds in the neighborhood, interns Kristen and Carrie have begun teaching English once a week to a group of about fifteen 7-11 year olds.

The response has been overwhelmingly encouraging. Most people seem to view children as wild, crazy and impossible to discipline because of the environment they come from. Yet, when these kids enter the library, put on their nametags, and sit down to learn, their attitude and demeanor changes. They are curious. They listen. They understand consequences. They invite other children into their experience. They show up an hour early to class each week, just waiting to learn more.

In our English lessons, we push students to practice English vocab memorization as well as English speaking, listening, and comprehending. We have found that they really respond to a challenge!

carrie-library1Montessori materials have also been put into use giving students an expectation of responsibility and self-initiative – both of which they’ve responded to so positively!
Praise be to God that the Samakki library has become a place of safety and learning! We have done our best to cultivate an environment that believes in the potential of each kid – no matter how “wild” they may seem or what their home environment looks like (from healthy homes to abuse to neglect – these kids have seen a lot). Taking the approach of Jesus towards children as our inspiration, we want to say with our words and actions, “Let the little children come.” Then hold each individual child, as Jesus did, and pay attention to them, all the while wanting ourselves to be changed to have the faith and innocence equal to little children.

Because of the kids’ hunger to learn, we have also begun opening the library on Tuesday nights in Samakki Pattana allowing students to come and play educational games (inspired by the Montessori learning method) and practice speaking English.

We are hoping to expand! If you have a heart for children, we are looking for Thai volunteers to teach other subjects (Thai, Math, Science, etc.). A couple of the kids are not in school and many of them are quite behind in these subjects. We need your help to help them grow!

kid-library1If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact Kristen (mobile ). You can serve a simple one-time session, once a month, or once a week in the library. We are flexible and open to whatever skills you may bring to bless these children.