What we do

Past and current programs

Children and Youth

Our goals

  • Protect and develop children and youth in urban poor communities
  • Teach skills and values that promote self-respect and responsibility
  • Partner with local leaders and volunteers to develop replicable programs
  • Promote guardian participation in programs

Internship Program

Our goals

  • Gain contextual understanding through living in an urban poor community
  • Respect others and act respectfully
  • Work in partnership with neighbors toward community development
  • Connect across class and cultural differences
  • Lead a life that reflects Christian values

Development Program

Our goals

  • Strengthen urban poor communities in order to realize sustainable housing solutions
  • Encourage and train community leaders and local councils – “Building people and communities”

Small Business

(in development)

Our vision

  • Create income-generation opportunities that are safe and dignifying for urban poor communities
  • Partner with professional and local businessmen, seeking those with social responsibility

Program Structure

  • Brainstorm

    Work with local businessmen to develop viable business ideas

  • Find and train

    appropriate participants

  • Manage quality

    and provide consultation